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If you can’t hustle, do something else

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

For the first time in several months, I worked some youth basketball games this weekend as part of the Minnesota Youth Athletic Services fall league. It was the first week of a four-week fall season. I was fortunate to work with Chuck T, a good official whom I’ve worked with several times before. He does a nice job, cares and hustles, all you want from a weekend youth basketball official.

We worked four games and literally didn’t hear a word from parents or coaches about any calls, which is always refreshing. I like working the fall league to get back in shape mentally and physically for the regular season (my first college game is less than two months away).

One of the issues I write about in BasketCases is officials who don’t hustle. Drives me crazy. Working on an adjacent court was a veteran official who has to be — at least — 100 to 120 pounds overweight. He rarely runs unless he needs to, is beaten down court consistently and when he eventually gets to one end, he “officiates” from the same spot and never moves. Now that’s a quality we can all strive for. How can you possibly get the correct angles if you never move?

My position on these types of referees, and youth basketball is littered with them, if you can’t make it up and down the court, do something else. Find a job where you don’t have to move. Sit in a chair somewhere. Because even if you make good calls, you are immediately branded as lazy based on your appearance.

Just saying. Not fair to the players, coaches, parents or your partner.


BasketCases now available from Gerry Davis Sports

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

My book “BasketCases: How Youth Basketball Parents Can Lower Their Blood Pressure and Keep Their Sanity” is now available for sale through Gerry Davis Sports, a company the provides uniforms, equipment and teaching aids for officials in all sports throughout the country. Gerry Davis is a long-time Major League Baseball umpire, who happens to be working the Minnesota Twins/Kansas City Royals series at Target Field.

Check out the link on (below is the information next to the book)

Here is the first book of its kind in the country written from the perspective of a basketball referee hoping to improve the youth basketball experience. You’ll find loads of perspective to help you cope with league and tourney fanatics, along with valuable tips and techniques to help your games run smoothly. There’s value in all 32 chapters, from the challenges of working with different partners, to dealing with uneducated parents and crazed coaches, to age-appropriate officiating, game management, rules, and more.Written by youth / high school / collegiate basketball referee Derek Wolden, BasketCases has been endorsed by NBA Referees Steve Javie and Kenny Mauer (who also wrote the foreword), San Antonio Spurs Coach Gregg Popovich, University of Minnesota Men’s Basketball Coach Tubby Smith and plenty of high school and collegiate officials. BasketCases was also named a 2009 National Indie Excellence Award Finalist.