MYAS Executive Director Klinkhammer endorses BasketCases

From the November edition of the Minnesota Youth Athletic Services newsletter. MYAS is the governing body that oversees most of the youth basketball tournaments in Minnesota. MYAS Executive Director Dan Klinkhammer wrote:

“We have a local basketball referee - Derek Wolden - who has authored a book entitled “BasketCases.” He does a great job of showing how youth basketball parents can lower their blood pressure and keep their sanity. I read the book white sitting in my deer stand during deer hunting and the entire time I kept thinking, “Why didn’t somebody write this sooner. This book should be required reading for every coach and parent before their kids hit the court. Wolden does a great job explaining the rules and, more importantly, he explains how and why officials administer the rules the way they do. If making “BasketCases required reading for your coaches and parents will make a more enjoyable and understandable season, then do it.”

I couldn’t agree more with Dan’s last sentence. 

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