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A few items to catch up on

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

I apologize for my tardiness updating this blog. I have been officiating most nights, so I have been blowing my whistle instead of blogging about basketball. A few items that have been on my mind:

* I worked some men’s league games tonight for the first time this year, and sure enough, we had to throw out one guy for throwing another player to the floor. Gotta love men’s league. For the most part the guys I officiate are great, but every once in awhile you run into issue. Tonight was one of those.

* I worked a high school game recently in which one of the coaches said two phrases multiple times: Over the back and three seconds in the lane. That coach needs to read BasketCases immediately.

* I worked a couple of youth tournaments recently. One coach had the words box out written on her t-shirt. Thought that was interesting. I had an issue with a fellow referee, who didn’t like the fact that I suggested he pick a different ball to use in a game. The ball didn’t bounce enough and it was fifth grade girls. If we would have used that ball, we would have had 30 jump balls in the game. I think we only had four or five. He got very defensive. Never worked with him before. Don’t want to work with him again. Like I write in BasketCases, you never know what you are going to get with a partner.

* If your schools run multiple courts during weekend tournaments without a tarp or chairs to spearate them, be careful. I was working a high school game at the Breakdown holiday tournament in St. Cloud. Before our varsity game, they were running JV games on adjacent courts. A player from one court saved the ball and threw it over his head back into play. Unfortunately his momentum, carried him into the other court, where he ran into a player, hit the ground and cut his head open, requiring several stitches. I’ve seen some near misses over the years, but this was bad. They ended up calling at least one of those game midway through the fourth quarter.

* I got a nice message from a high school friend named Kirk Fischer who is the assistant coach of his son’s team in Eagan. He wrote: “Got it, and it is already awesome!  We brought it with us to the tourney in Andover yesterday, and we all got a bunch of laughs (and learned a few things)!  Great book - we already said we will recommend it to friends or give it as gifts. Thanks again for the signed copy!”

* Mike McFeely, a columnist with the Fargo Forum, wrote a column this week about the dwindling number of basketball referees in the Fargo-Moorhead area because of bad parent behavior. Make sure you read it and check out the reader comments. In fact, I may just need to recommend BasketCases as a solution. Here is a link to the column: